Our region offers special culinary highlights in every season, which we would like to present to you here:


After the first frost, kale is served in northern Germany. Kale is served with Kassler and various sausages, pancetta and crispy fried potatoes.

Asparagus time

Asparagus is considered the queen of vegetables. Gourmets all over the world enjoy the short time in spring when the "edible ivory" is stung.

We serve you from the classic asparagus dish to fancy creations of the tasty stalks exquisitely prepared and served in an appealing ambience.

From a number of 6 people you can book with us the "asparagus-full" - menu.

Here we serve you a fine asparagus cream soup with cream topping, as main course freshly harvested asparagus spears with hollandaise and brown butter, pork escalopes, pork medallions and chicken breast fillets, raw and cooked ham, scrambled eggs, boiled potatoes, croquettes and crispy asparagus rolls filled with cooked ham and cheese. The price per person is € 28,00.

Barbecue buffet

When summer comes, you can see men with hairdryers and aprons in our beer garden.
This means that the grill season is open. If you order in advance, we will serve you self-marinated grilled food in a summery ambience with a lavish salad buffet and homemade dressings and sauces.

We guarantee unforgettable evenings, hot grilled meat and men with aprons.

Just call us on +49 (0)5439 / 3041, or make an inquiry via our booking form.